Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Polyethylene (PE) is one of the most popular thermoplastic materials. It is available in different crystalline structures, referred to as HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE. This commodity plastic is produced by addition or radical polymerization. It is used in a large array of applications: plastic containers, bottles, bags, plastic toys, etc.

What is low density polyethylene (LDPE)?

Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE) is a semi-rigid polymer with low crystallinity (~50-60%). The LDPE is composed of 4,000-40,000 carbon atoms, with many short branches. Compared to HDPE, it has a higher degree of short and long side-chain branching. The chemical structure of LDPE is:

Low-Density Polyethylene Structure

LDPE Structure


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Product Details


When you choose our HDPE granules, you're making a smart decision for your business. Here's why:

Introducing Our HDPE Granules Product Range

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) granules are the building blocks for countless plastic products, offering exceptional versatility and performance. At [Your Company Name], we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of HDPE granules, meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of various industries. Whether you require HDPE granules for molding, extrusion, or other applications, we have the right solution for you.

What are the properties of LDPE?

  1. LDPE Melting point: 105 to 115°C
  2. Density of LDPE: 0.910–0.940 g/cm3
  3. Chemical resistance of LDPE:
    • Good resistance to alcohols, dilute alkalis and acids
    • Limited resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, oxidizing agents and halogenated hydrocarbons
  4. Temperature resistance up to 80°C continuously and 95°C for shorter times.
  5. Low cost polymer with good processability
  6. High impact strength at low temperature, good weatherability
  7. Excellent electrical insulating properties
  8. Very low water absorption
  9. FDA compliant
  10. Transparent in thin film form

LDPE uses majorly revolve around manufacturing containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing, plastic bags for computer components, and various molded laboratory equipments. The most popular application of LDPE is plastic bags.

LDPE Applications
LDPE Applications


  1. Packaging – Thanks to its low cost and good flexibility, LDPE is used in packaging industry for pharmaceutical and squeeze bottles, caps and closures, tamper evident, liners, trash bags, films for food packaging (frozen, dry goods, etc.), laminations etc.
  2. Pipes and Fittings – LDPE is used to manufacture water pipes and hoses for the pipes and fittings industry due to its plasticity and low water absorption.

Other applications include consumer goods – housewares, flexible toys, agricultural films, wiring & cables – sub-conductor insulators, cable jacketing.


LH0075   Bandar Emam     0.75(0.75kig) 0.922
2420F   Amir Kabir   0.75 (0.75 k/g) 0.923
2101T47   Laleh   0.85 )2.16 k/g) 0.921
LF0190   Aria Sasol   1.9 (2.16 k/g) 0.924
2420H   Amir Kabir   1.9 (2.16 k/g) 0.924
L2102TN42   Laleh   1.9 (2.16 k/g) 0.921
L2102TX00   Laleh   1.9 (2.16 k/g) 0.921
LF2119   Aria Sasol   1.9 (2.16 k/g) 0.921
LF0200   Bandar Emam   2 (2.16 k/g) 0.922
2420K   Amir Kabir   4 (2.16k/g) 0.924
2004TX37   Laleh   4.7 (2.16 k/g) 0.921
L1922T   Laleh   22 (2.16 k/g) 0.921


2420D   Amir Kabir   0.25 (2.16 k/g) 0.923
L2100TN00   Laleh   0.3(5k/g) 0.921

Why Choose HDPE Granules from Us?

When you choose our HDPE granules, you're making a smart decision for your business. Here's why:

  1. Premium Quality: Our HDPE granules are manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring consistent quality, purity, and performance.

  2. Wide Range of Grades: We offer a diverse selection of HDPE granule grades, each tailored to meet specific requirements. Whether you need high-melt or low-melt, UV-stabilized, or natural granules, we have you covered.

  3. Technical Expertise: Our team of experts is well-versed in the properties and applications of HDPE granules. We can provide technical support and guidance to help you choose the right grade for your project.

  4. Competitive Pricing: We understand the importance of cost-efficiency. Our HDPE granules are competitively priced, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

  5. Reliable Supply: Count on us for a consistent and dependable supply of HDPE granules, ensuring your production remains uninterrupted.

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  2. Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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